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What happens to your body when you drink more water?

what happens to your body-when you drink more water

Well, let’s start with what happens when you don’t drink water. You get thirsty right? But that feeling of thirst is a last resort for your body. By this time, it’s already on dehydration alert. Your blood becomes thick and sticky and your blood pressure drops.

If you’re severely dehydrated your heart rate increases but you still have low blood pressure so you could feel dizzy and faint when you stand up. Even being slightly dehydrated can affect your mood and functioning, making you grumpy and less motivated. Every cell in your body needs water to function properly so if you don’t drink enough your cells are not working as well as they might. Muscles become tired quickly and ache, joints become stiff, your skin looks dry and tight and you get headaches and can’t concentrate. Of course, some conditions and medications can cause dehydration, especially in the elderly or very young, but for most of us it’s just a case of not drinking enough fluids. And I’m not going to be precious here, that can be any fluids – water, juice, tea, coffee, alcohol, and I’d also include ‘watery’ foods like fruit, salads and veg.

So, what happens when you do drink more water?

First, you’ll probably notice that you need to visit the loo a lot more. At first it seems like everything you drink is going right through you, and it is to a certain extent, it can take a little while for your body to get used to the idea but that will pass and settle down. You’ll probably notice that you’re not as hungry as usual. The thirst feeling is much the same as hunger pangs and often drinking a glass of water quenches the thirst and hunger – resulting in eating less and possibly losing weight!!!??? You’ll also notice that your eyes are brighter, your skin is clear and smooth and you’re not as tired and lethargic as you used to be. That afternoon headache you always get seems to disappear and your mood will lift making you a nicer person to be around!

So how do you do it?

Start by adding a little water to your day. For every coffee/tea/cola you have drink at least, say, one glass of water. Remember, although tea/coffee/cola and alcohol contain water they’re also diuretic, meaning they tend to dehydrate. Which if you only have the odd one is not a problem, but if it’s all you drink your body will be struggling. Try starting the day with hot water and lemon, great to support your liver first thing and flush out your system. Herb and fruit teas are refreshing and a good substitute hot drink. Soup for lunch (especially homemade) is a great way to up your water intake, as is a salad with dinner and snacking on fruit through the day will satisfy your sugar craving and help you hydrate, all with added vitamins!!


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