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About us


Peta first trained as an Aromatherapist in 1998, and it was while studying she discovered Seated Acupressure. She set up Vital Force Massage in 1999 and after spending years working at corporate events and exhibitions, she now specialises in helping the digital community keep healthy and happy at work. Peta has honed her skills by concentrating on chair massage and keeps them fresh by taking regular CPD courses. Vital Force have a wealth of expertise and experience in all aspects of various physical techniques to help reduce muscle tension and promote wellbeing.

Peta has been a tutor for the Academy of On-Site Massage, the country’s leading Seated Acupressure trainer, since 2002, and has trained therapists all over the country. All Vital Force practitioners are hand-picked, experienced and trained to the highest standards.


At Vital Force Massage we specialise in offering the digital community a popular and inexpensive solution to an ever-increasing problem – keeping well at work. We provide your staff with a quick and effective treatment that targets the areas that are traditionally affected by stress: the back, shoulders, neck, arms, and head. We work on a specially designed chair through the clothes – so no messy oils are used, and it feels great! The massage has been developed to restore balance in the body, relaxing yet energising, ensuring all our clients feel a sense of calm and peace, yet are motivated to get on with the day. A full consultation is given before every session and each treatment is adapted to suit the individual’s needs.


Tight shoulders, headaches, poor circulation, lack of concentration, aching joints, stiff neck and reduced mobility are all symptoms of everyday modern life, which can lead to feeling overwhelmed and apathetic, depressed and lacking self-confidence. No Company Director wants a sense of presenteeism among their workforce, or ‘working while sick’, which can cause productivity loss, poor health, exhaustion, not to mention workplace epidemics.
At Vital Force Massage, we address all these key issues and more, from the physical to the psychological, with an immediate and effective solution, targeting the specific areas right at the source, promoting healthy living and encouraging individuals to take responsibility for themselves.
Vital Force only offer seated acupressure massage, which means we can give our full attention to the massage and not get bogged down with other therapies. We believe it’s important to get our clients away from their desk so they can switch off, relax and reboot, so when they return to work, they feel refreshed and alert.


We come to you. We bring all our own equipment and just need a little space to set up, ideally in a private room – but a quiet corner of the office is just as good. No clothes are removed, and no oils used, so privacy is not a big issue. A full written health consultation is given before each massage, in which any issues arising will need to be discussed with your therapist. All information is held in the strictest of confidence, in accordance with the new GDPR regulations. Vital Force has a growing network of highly trained, experienced therapists throughout the country: so, no matter where you are, we can visit you at your company and help to make your working environment a more creative, productive… and above all, happier place!


You decide the day, time and session length, either 20 or 30 minutes, with a minimum of 3 hours and a maximum of 6. Once the service is set up, all we need is a little space and for you to fill the booking sheet supplied. The therapist will bring all their own equipment and will liaise with the contact at your company. Breaks and lunch will be factored into the day. We work when you want us to, we’ll fit in with your start and lunch times and take our breaks when most convenient to you. To get the most benefit from Seated Acupressure Massage, a regular monthly service is recommended; however, health awareness days, one-off treats and bonuses, open days and ‘thank yous’ to clients are equally well-received.


Simply fill in the form or call Peta on 07973 548858

Special introductory offer*


Try out our service with a special one-day revitalise massage in just 15 minutes

If you’re not sure if this is for you and you’d like to get some feedback from your employees before committing to a full monthly service, why not try our special one-day offer? After a consultation, relax and let your therapist work on the areas most affected by stress - the shoulders, neck and head. In this session all the same techniques are offered in a condensed taster of the great things we can do. A minimum of 12 people (3 hours) and a maximum of 24 (6 hours)

* Only one day per company within the same location.